• Easy to use. Your JetPal package arrives ready to use. Download the JetPal app in your app store and you are good to go. You won’t even need to read the user manual.

  • Peace of mind. Never worry anymore about lost pets, traveling children, missing luggage, wandering elderly or misplaced car.

  • Affordable. You don’t need to invest in a device. Subscribe to one of our service plans starting at 40 dollar cent per day and receive your device for free.

  • Adjustable. Our pet range of devices fits from XS to XXL pets. We have devices small enough to fit in a wallet, and big enough to find in a crate.

  • Cross-platform. Android or Apple Mobile phones, tablets or computers. Our apps and dashboard are accessible from any platform.

  • Multi-use. Tracking a cat, a dog, a child, an elderly family member, a car, a wallet, luggage or your expensive handbag? JetPal serves anything, everywhere and anybody. You can interchange the use of JetPal anytime.

  • Global. Start your Base Subscription in one of 111 countries. You can add any country to your Base at anytime and for any duration you like. Pay as you go.


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